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Friends of Auto Racing Seeking Cooperation of Racing Enthusiasts- FOAR SCORE

The FOAR SCORE Club is a non-for profit organization that was formed in 1948 by race fans for the betterment of auto racing. The club tries to help the sport of auto racing in any way possible. Their purpose is for the betterment of automobile racing for fans, drivers, car owners and promoters: to have better and safer racing and to increase the popularity of the sport.


FOAR SCORE is the oldest active auto racing fan club in the US. We assist in raising money for the drivers point funds for various local tracks including Lancaster National Speedway. In addition we donate thousands of dollars each year to anyone in the racing community who is sick or in need.

Due to global shut downs during the covid pandemic, the club did not hold meetings during much of 2020 and 2021. Due to this, officers who were holding positions during this time held there offices until we could hold a proper election.  Because we went a few years without an election, terms for our board of directors and board of trustees have been adjusted for the March 2022 election to get terms back on to the three year cycles. 

Current Officers
rich w vp.jpg
michal petty.jpg
Laura Schroeder
Rich Warden
Laurie Keech Coccionitti
Tina Seger
Michal Petty




Vice President






Recording Secretary


Membership Secretary



Board of Directors
Board of Trustees


  • Bobby Woch        2022- 2023

  • Gordy Petty         2020- 2023

  • Art James           2022-2024

  • Jim Nowinski      2022-2024

  • Dale Miller           2022-2025

  • Hal Larence         2022-2025

  • Joe Skotnicki 2023

  • Todd Hannon 2024

  • Steven Petty 2025

Other Officers
  • Historian- Mark Southcott

  • Health and Welfare-  Mary Sharpe

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